TIP Programs

Our Mission is the driving force behind all the programs TIP has.


First and foremost is the REWARDS program. This program pays rewards to anyone that reports a natural resource violation in the state of Minnesota; that leads to an arrest.  The reward amounts vary by the severity of the crime and reward amounts have been as high as $500. Callers may remain anonymous.


Our most visible program is the WALL OF SHAME displays.  These are displays that travel around the state to fairs, shows and other outdoor events. Each wall has poached trophies that were confiscated from the violators, after someone called the TIP line. For more information on the Wall of Shame displays check out the Wall of Shame Calendar page.


Every youth who enrolls in a Minnesota firearms safety class received one of our TIP ACTIVITY BOOKS. These books are filled with wildlife descriptions, identifications, hunting information, safety information and hunting ethics information.


TIP supports the DNR Non-Game fund by providing TIP prints to those who donate $100 or more on their Minnesota state income tax forms via the "chickadee check off". The DNR Non-Game fund is used to protect all non-game species in Minnesota along with restoration of endangered species.


TIP sells license holders to any Minnesota license vendor. These license holders have the TIP hot-line on them and is another way to get the message out about TIP. Please click here to view the license envelopes.  




Statewide toll-free: 1-800-652-9093
24 hours a day, 365 days a year or dial #TIP from your cell phone.

Tips are received through a 24-hour phone line which is answered at the

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources–Enforcement Division Monday through Friday and the Minnesota State Patrol–Dispatchers, nights and weekends.